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Walk Through Graduation

Date: Friday, June 3, 2022

Time: 9am - 11am (arrive anytime in that window)

Location: Glendale Civic Center - 5750 W Glenn Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301

What to Wear: Graduates should come already dressed in their Cap and Gown. Check out this video on how to wear it. Grads can wear whatever they choose under their cap and gown but we recommend something comfortable and classy. Grads are welcome to decorate their cap as they wish so long as content is school appropriate.

Since you will be walking around, we recommend wearing flat shoes. We strongly recommend avoiding wearing heels.

Guests: All guests should arrive at the same time. If you are waiting for anyone, you can wait in front of the building.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the graduation requirements?

Please speak with your academic coach or advisor about your specific school's requirements.

All requirements must be completed by:

  • Thursday, May 26th to be included in graduation programs and materials

  • Friday, May 27th to participate in the graduation ceremony

How do I order cap & gown?

Speak to your Academic Coach or Academic Advisor.

How much does the Cap and Gown cost?

The graduation package costs $30.

This includes the color-coordinated cap, gown, and tassel for your school AS WELL AS downloads of professional photos from graduation.

This is required to be paid prior to participation in graduation.

How can I make a payment?

Call or go to your school's office directly. We can accept cash or card in person or take card over the phone.

When can I pay for and pick up my cap & gown?

Reach out to your individual school (see below for contact information).

You will be able to pay in cash or check in person or you can pay with credit/debit card either over the phone or in person.

What should I wear to graduation?

Here are a few things to remember and consider:

  • Be comfortable!

  • Remember you will walk across the stage and need to wear shoes that you can easily and comfortably walk in. 

  • Consider the importance of the occasion! It is a time to celebrate your accomplishment. Dressing up on this day can make you feel distinguished and proud! Own it, you have earned it! Remember that your attire should be school appropriate and is something you could perhaps wear to a professional workplace.

  • Tassels are worn on the right side of your cap until the exciting moment that you are instructed to move it over at the end of the ceremony!

Can I decorate my cap?

Absolutely! Grads are welcome to decorate their cap as they wish so long as content is school appropriate.


When is Graduation?

The Walk Through Graduation ceremony is scheduled for Friday, June 3, 2022 from 9 to 11am.

What will Graduation look like this year?

We'll be having a walk-through graduation at the Glendale Civic Center this year.

Graduates will be able to have any number of guests when they walk across the stage.

Graduates will need to wait until all guests are present before entering. They will check in at the check in table, proceed a photo op in the lobby, then proceed through the main hall to walk across the stage, receive their diploma, and shake hands with the principal. Guests will be with the graduate until just before they walk across the stage and will have "front row" visibility to take as many photos as you wish. Afterwards, guests will meet up with their graduate in the terrace garden for additional photo opportunities and visiting.

How many guests can I bring?

We are allowing an unlimited number of guests for graduation, however, all guests must be present before the graduate can enter the event. Graduates can wait in the parking lot or just outside the building to wait for their guests.

Is there parking available?

Yes! There is plenty of free parking available in lots and a structure nearby the Civic Center.

Can I bring balloons?

No, our venue does not allow balloons inside. Feel free to leave these in your vehicle or outside the venue.

Can I bring/use confetti poppers?

No, our venue does not allow confetti or confetti poppers inside or around the venue due to the difficult cleanup. We recommend saving these for home photo shoots and celebrations.

Can I bring snacks or drinks in while we wait?

No, the venue does not allow any outside food or drinks to be brought in. There are water fountains available in the hallways of the venue.

Feel free to leave snacks and drinks in your vehicle.


When will I get my diploma?

HHS: Ms. Zoe normally has your diploma ready about a week after your official graduation date. Please call Ms. Zoe directly by calling the school at 623-772-8013 to check.

HHSO: Your academic coach normally has your diploma ready about a week after your official graduation date. Please call your coach directly by calling the school at 602-674-5555 to check.

Where can I find pictures from Graduation?

Right here on the Graduation Portal! Photos will be available about two weeks after graduation day. After August 2022, the photos may be moved under the "Previous Years" tab.

Ms. Jessica - 602-674-5555 x4832

Ms. Arianna - 602-674-5555

Ms. Nicole - 602-674-5555

Ms. Wilma - 602-674-5555

Mr. Aguilera - 623-772-8013 x4875

Mr. Junio - 623-772-8013 x2747

Ms. Zoe - 623-772-8013

Mr. Buehnerkemper - 623-772-8013 x4870

Graduation Information Nights

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